Counsel to Non-Profits, Faith-Based Organizations and Congregations Committed to Creating a More Conscious, Compassionate, and Charitable World

The Foundation for Excellence in Giving, Inc.

A full service consulting firm providing strategic guidance and executive counsel to non-profits, faith-based organizations and congregations across the nation.

“The deeper the experience of grace, the higher the level of generosity.”

-Dr. McSwain

We Listen and Learn all about you…

…your organization or congregation,
…your hopes and dreams, disappointments and setbacks;
…your strengths and challenges;
…your needs and opportunities;
…and all so we might craft a plan, develop a process, and implement a procedure for taking you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

We Lead you every step of the way…

…whether it’s fundraising counsel you need
…a feasibility assessment;
…an annual or capital campaign;
…a program of planned giving;
…Board assessment and/or development;
…a process and program of leadership training and development;
… professional mediation or conflict resolution;
…or, executive level coaching to guide you and your team in achieving professional potential and in becoming more effective as leaders

We Leave You…

...Stronger…healthier…with a future that is brighter than the past;
...and your leaders and followers knowing more clearly who your organization is, why it is here, where it is headed, and how it is going to get there;
...feeling grateful for having chosen the right counsel at the right time to guide you on this journey;
...with that inner feeling of accomplishment that only comes when you know that you and the Foundation have helped create a more conscious, compassionate, and charitable world.



The Foundation for Excellence in Giving
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