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Annual Campaign: Excellence in Giving

Annual Campaigns are Common among Many Congregations

To meet the on-going needs of many congregations to enhance and extend the generosity support of members for the annual budget undergirding ministries and programs, the Foundation offers a uniquely-designed annual campaign called…

“Excellence in Giving”

No other stewardship advancement firm in America has a more unique or scripturally-based program than this annual campaign written exclusively by Dr. Steve McSwain and produced and distributed by the Foundation.

“Excellence in Giving” is a 6 to 8-week annual ministry-enhancing campaign or, more accurately, a transformative spiritual experience, deeply-rooted in sacred scripture and designed to enhance the spiritual growth of your members.

With this annual campaign of spiritual growth, many congregations will see increases in giving as high as twenty to thirty percent over the previous year.

At a time when many congregations are struggling to simply “hold their own,” with some experiencing record declines in giving, The Foundation will help your people renew their support of the ministries and programs of the congregation and, at-one-and-the-same-time, experience unprecedented personal growth in their own spiritual lives.

While the annual campaign – “Excellence in Giving” – serves as a giving advancement program, the campaign is rooted in the belief that stewardship is a sacred trust involving the totality of one’s spiritual life. In other words, it is not simply an annual campaign designed to get more money for what many perceive to be the congregation’s never-ending need for it. To the contrary, it is a holistic approach to scriptural stewardship that involves time, talent, and treasure.

Annual Campaign: Excellence in Giving

Annual Campaign: Excellence in Giving

Rightly understood, therefore, a steward is a manager of life and resources, both of which are gifts from the Divine. A steward is a Divinely-conscious manager of his or her total life.

The “Excellence in Giving” annual campaign is designed to raise up responsible stewards from among your people. It is this kind of transformational change that gives birth to generosity in the management of one’s time, talent and treasures.

If you are grown weary of the worn-out programs that almost everyone in the congregation has grown to resent, even run from, and you are ready to help your people experience a transformation of life, then “Excellence in Giving” is the annual campaign you have been looking for. Call us today for more information – 502-777-9426.



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