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Capital Campaign

In the Life of Every Faith-Based Organization or Congregation…

Annual Campaign: Feasibility Study

Capital Campaign: Feasibility Study

…there are occasions when a capital campaign is needed…when additional capital and financial support is an absolute must in order to maintain, even to thrive and grow, as a non-profit entity or, in the case of a congregation to build, expand and/or extend the congregation’s mission and ministry to the community and to the world. The Foundation has had vast and varied capital campaign experience with non-profit, faith-based organizations and congregations representing virtually every faith communion imaginable. From faith-based groups of varying sizes and congregations as small as one hundred persons to those as large as twenty thousand or more, the Foundation is uniquely qualified to create a personalized program that will guide your organization or congregation to success.

Feasibility Assessment/Study

The Foundation’s feasibility assessments/studies take approximately eight to ten weeks to complete. These studies are vital as the first step any organization or congregation must take to prepare for a successful capital campaign. While some feel it is an unnecessary expenditure, the Foundation believes to seek to conduct a capital campaign without the architectural framework that a study provides would be tantamount to someone trying to building a house with architectural plans. Two principal components are involved in a comprehensive study prior to the launch of a capital campaign…

    • Personal, Confidential Interviews with Key Supporters
    • An Organizational-Wide or Congregational-Wide Survey
Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

The Foundation’s capital campaign process takes approximately 12-weeks (for those congregations using our consultant in multiple on-site training sessions) or approximately 6-months for those congregations using our consultant as a resident director. In either instance, a four-step comprehensive process is created for every organization and/or congregation, and is managed and implemented by the Foundation’s professional consultant with the support of the entire home office in Louisville, Kentucky. Four processes give birth to the successful capital campaign.

    1. Organization & Development – Approximately 2 to 4 Weeks Vision Clarification Process Leadership Enlistment and Training Complete Communication Materials
    2. Spiritual Preparation – Approximately 2 to 4 Weeks Prayer and Fellowship Gatherings Season of Prayer and Preparation
    3. Commitment and Celebration – Approximately 4 to 6 Weeks 5 Weekends of Special Emphasis Motivation/Instruction – Scriptural Giving
    4. Follow-Up – Full Support of the Foundation whether a 3, 4, or 5 Year Campaign Celebration Weekend Intentional On-going Support for Campaign Duration Consultant Availability and Support



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