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Mission-Vision Casting Workshop

A Mission-Vision Casting Workshop

The Mission-Vision Casting Workshop is a special program developed by the Foundation for those congregations seeking to clarify their mission objectives and/or cast a new vision for their mission and ministry in the future. The Foundation developed this mission/vision casting workshop to assist congregational leaders and members create a new vision for the church and the church’s future or, in some instances, simply embrace a new vision developed by a church-appointed study committee. Frequently, after many months of prayer, reflection, and preparation, a study group has a clearly-articulated and well-developed plan for the future but needs help in sharing that new mission/vision with church in such a way that the congregation embraces the plan.

The Foundation can help

The Mission and Vision Casting Workshop is a three-hour congregational event directed by the Foundation’s consultant. Members are taken on an exciting journey where they ask and answer the important questions related to the church’s vision, mission and future.

Mission-Vision Casting Workshop: Foundation for Excellence

Mission-Vision Casting Workshop: Foundation for Excellence

As a church, who are we?

Where did we come from?

What is our mission and vision?

Where are we going?

To whom is God calling us to minister?

Do we have the resources to do so?

What must we change to make it happen?

What are our strengths and weaknesses as a church/parish?

What kind of church are we now? What kind may we become?

How do we get from here to there?

What is the plan for taking us there?

These are but a few of the questions explored with church/parish leaders either in a retreat setting or in a congregation wide Mission and Vision Casting Workshop. A minimum of three hours in length, this interactive experience is designed to re-define a church’s mission and vision and to develop concrete congregational objectives and priorities around them. The Mission and Vision Casting Workshop invites members to embrace a new mission/vision agenda for the church’s future. It is not uncommon for an annual and/or capital campaign to immediately follow this workshop as a means of raising the additional resources needed to fund the new or renewed visions of faith and ministry.



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