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Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study

Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study and Assessment

The Foundation’s Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study and Assessment takes approximately eight to ten weeks to complete. These studies are vital as the first step any organization or congregation must take to prepare for a successful capital campaign. While some may feel it is an unnecessary expenditure, the Foundation believes to seek to conduct a capital campaign without the architectural framework that a study provides would be tantamount to someone trying to building a house with architectural plans.

Two principal components are involved in a comprehensive study prior to the launch of a capital campaign…

    • Personal, Confidential Interviews with Key Supporters
    • An Organizational-Wide or Congregational-Wide Survey
Pre-Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study

Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study

Is your non-profit or congregation ready to move forward?

Is the board, the staff, leaders, and members all “on the same page,” with regard to the next steps the organization or congregation should take?

Is the mission clear and the vision widely shared by everyone?

What do your friends and supporters of your organization or members of your congregation feel about your current successes and strengths?

Do they feel confident in the organization or congregation’s financial strength to go forward?

The Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study and Assessment guides you and your leaders on a path to evaluate just how “ready” you are for a Capital Campaign.

Find out before you launch a major capital campaign, not only “if” you’re ready, but what to do if you’re not. This is important, because your organizational supporters or congregational members may have indicated to you in some way that they are ready to see you “go forward,” but that does not necessarily mean they will give generously to support it.

Successful capital campaigns are those where members share both the organization/congregation’s vision for the future and a conviction that “Now Is the Time” to invest in future growth. The Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study and Assessment invites confidential feedback from leaders and members. Personal interviews and surveys collect the information that gives birth to the readiness assessment.

Most organizations and congregations conducting the Foundation’s Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study and Assessment see greater unity surrounding the proposed project, greater financial support, and a more successful capital campaign as a result.

The Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study is the most important investment you will make.



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